Observing, non-judging, accepting, overflowing... I am. 

* Come to relax both your body and your mind. 

* Let yourself be touched on the body and on the soul.
* Discover your life joy and find the source of your strength. 
* Welcome on journey towards yourself through loving touch. 

* I will guide you with respect, love and humility. 


Types of massage 

* Relaxation massage
* Tantra massage
* Body candle treatment

The massage is individually modified according to each client´s needs and actual problems. It is up to you if you wish a whole-body massage or to treat one particular part in depth (feet, back, neck, face, for women 
a thorough breast massage of 60-90min, etc).
Tantric massage works with the strongest source of our energy - sexual force. It can be a powerful tool of transformation in the area of self-treatment and self/body-acceptance, own sexuality and through this of other life issues. It is absolutelly essential that both the massage therapist and the client treat it in this way and work with this force with awareness. Tantric massage is not a way to fill up free time, but a journey towards yourself. It is usually strong experience for me, too. 
Mutual trust in such case is important. For this reason I only give tantric massage to people I have met in person before, or who has come for a relaxation massage first.

I´ll be happy to answer your further questions.

The massage session  

First we drink a cup of good tea and find out how you feel, what your body needs, if there are any health limitations. We will create the massage structuretogether. 
We can also include work with divination intuitive cards to reveal your intention for the massage. You can then take a shower. The massage itself begins with a short breathing meditation to calm the mind down. The massage follows - I use combination of following techniques (and intuition):

* oil massage (pure nature oils, aromatherapy)
* dry thai massage
* reflexology 
* senses awaikening (if agreed, we can include also smell, taste and hearing perception
* elements massage (earth, fire, water, air and ether)
* tantric massage of intimate parts, honour to god/ess inside you
* thorough head massage (nose, ears and mouth)
* body candle for harmonization 

Loving and conscious touch are accompanied with meditative music, scent, essential oils and crystals. In the end you will have time to relax and integrate the massage. The total time of your visit might take one hour more than the real massage time.
For your comfort please bring loose cotton clothes.

For women 

I will be happy to share my own experience of the feminine way of celebration, life flow and cycles.  

* Special massage for women, breasts massage
* Energy eggs made of precious-stones - introduction, advice, consultation
* PC muscles exercise and yoga (Mohendzodaro school)

Price list

Relaxation massage 

90 min … 1000,- CZK (minimum length) ... 40 Euro
120 min ... 1200,- 
CZK ... 50 Euro
150 min … 1400,- 
CZK ... 60 Euro
180 min … 1600,- 
CZK ... 70 Euro

Tantric massage 
180 - 210 min for women /150 - 180 min for men ...  2500,- CZK ... 100 Euro

Three-massage therapy … 7000,- CZK (advanced payment) ... 280 Euro 

The time is the real massage time. Interview before and relaxation after the massage in total length up to 1 hour are included. Payment in EURO is possible. Massage voucher issue possible.  

Body candle treatment

Lasts cca 20 min and can be included to any massage of two hours and longer. 
+ 90,- CZK per candle 

Questions, consultations and booking:

tereza dlabalová
e-mail: tereza(a)vedomydotek.net
phone: +420 777 078 716

* studio address:

Hradec Kralove: SKLENARKA

Prague: Pod Pekarkou 10, Prague 4 (bus/ tram stop Dvorce)

* Opening hours: between 9am and 8pm, upon individual agreement, please book the appointment at least 2 days in advance

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